Daily & Weekly Guest:

Step 1:   Complete our online reservation form here.

Step 2:   We will call you to answer any questions you have, confirm your reservation and collect $50 in advance to reserve your space.  

Feel free to call, text or email prior to completing the online reservation form if you would like to ask any questions.  Owner: Lance Day Email: [email protected].  Mobile Phone: 817-752-4635

Monthly Guest: 

Step 1:      

We do NOT have an age restriction on RVs but do like to confirm they are in good shape if they are older than 7 years old.  If your RV is over 7 years old please text an exterior of your RV to the owner, Lance Day, at 817-752-4635 and include the year and length of your RV.     Lance will get back to you immediately.  

Step 2:   

Complete our online reservation form here.  If you are unable or prefer not to use the online reservation form you are welcome to come into our office to complete it.  

Step 3:     

For those that apply for a monthly space we run a criminal background check at NO cost to you on all adults.  We do NOT pull credit.  In the event you have a criminal background please understand we consider the nature and age of any criminal background issues when making our decision for monthly guests.  We do not run criminal background checks on DAILY and WEEKLY guest but do confirm adults are not the registered national sex offender list so if you are a registered sex offender don’t waste your time applying.

If you have an opinion on how our process can be improved or want to share anything else regarding Clean Living RV Park or our service feel free to contact the owner, Lance Day, anytime by calling or texting his cell at 817-752-4635 or by email at [email protected]

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