A new issue is occurring in state parks: campsite reselling. This is also known as the “blackmarket of campsites.” Campsite resellers reserve one or multiple campsites in a park and resell them online, often for higher prices. Is campsite reselling legal? Is it moral? We’ve got the full story here. Campsite Scalpers At Work in Kansas According to officials from the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism, campsite resellers are hard at work in Kansas State Parks. Campsites are being reserved in mass and sold on the “secondary market ,” similar to ticket scalping. Resellers reserve all the campsites in the state parks and then sell them to other people to make a buck. Officials from KDWPT say that this is a problem, and it’s occurring in many state parks around the state. It is unclear who is behind the campsite reselling, but officials at state parks all over Kansas are monitoring the situation heavily. What is the Secondary Market? A secondary market is any market other than the original market, such as the Kansas State Parks website. Popular places to advertise campsites include Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Groups, and Craigslist. Campsite resellers use secondary markets online to generate interest in unavailable campsites and resell them at a higher price to campers who want to get into the park. Is Campsite Reselling Legal? According to a post from Kanapolis State Park , renting and reselling campsites is against agency regulations. “KDWPT regulation K.A.R. 115-8-19 states that no person shall […]