The Pros And Cons Of Living In A Camper Full-Time Living in any RV requires a commitment to a more minimalistic lifestyle whether you’re in a 45-foot diesel pusher or a small truck camper or camper van. There are a couple of reasons a trailer or camper might not be the best choice for full-time living, but it’s worth noting that NO recreational vehicle is built and sold for the purpose of becoming a full-time residence. If you talk to the manufacturers and dealers, they all affirm that RVs are built for periodic leisure use only. Living in an RV full-time puts much more pressure on every system in the rig. The electrical, plumbing, heating, insulation, tanks, and structural framework will all be stressed when in use all day every day. This continuous use and additional pressure is what makes living in a camper vs a motorhome more problematic. Let’s face it, campers are built to fit into the budgets of a larger share of the market, meaning they are more affordable, but to fit into that lower price range they need to be built fast and cheap. That translates to lower quality components and construction protocols that focus more on quantity than quality. Campers are small, easy to maneuver and park, but lack storage space. Photo by P. Dent Cons of living in a camper full-time Smaller components Another limitation of living full-time in a camper compared to living full time in a larger motorhome is the size […]