Vaccine hesitancy in India––especially among rural Indians, who believe the virus is only in cities––is paving the way for another potential surge, worrying health officials both domestic and international . Reminders of the damage done by past surges are all too plentiful. Hundreds of death shrouds appeared when rains washed away the top layer of sands along the Ganges in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh . Unaccounted for dead spread across the sands. Meanwhile in Bihar, the death toll for April and May was revised from about 5,500 to about 9,400. In some cases, villagers fished hundreds of bodies out of a river . In many cases, the original, low numbers were not accidental: they were the result of deliberate obfuscation on the part of officials . India’s most famous yoga guru, Baba Ramdev, has spent days criticizing the COVID vaccine and the doctors who advocate for it, but he’s taken a dramatic turn––he’s now getting the shot himself and encouraging others to do the same . India’s rapidly burgeoning middle class is in deep trouble. The pandemic has hindered––and in some cases wiped out––their businesses, potentially sending them back to poverty . As India’s COIVD surge begins to abate, its true horror is coming into clearer focus. Struggling under a collapsing health care system, many Indians turned to social media to find help. Others aggregated information about available hospital beds and open clinics . Earlier this week, India’s COVID deaths officially passed 300,000, although the official count […]