Photo: Maja Marjanovic (Shutterstock) When it comes to growing up, some children need a little more time. Maturing slower than their peers can be hard for a kid though, especially once they start school. If all their friends are moving on to different activities and interests while their own schoolwork is getting progressively harder, it can leave them feeling lonely and left-out, with their friends teasing them for still doing “babyish” things. If your child is struggling with growing up and seems to be developing at a slower pace than their peers, there are ways that you can help. Understand that kids develop at a different pace Child development is never a constant. Although there are estimated milestones, like learning to walk, talk, read, and developing the discipline to do schoolwork, each kid will reach them at a slightly different times. “We imagine that kids are moving at the same pace in every domain of development. For some kids, that’s not the case,” said Rebecca Parlakian , a senior director at the nonprofit Zero to Three , which is devoted to early childhood education. “We might see some kids that have amazing language skills, but be a little slower on the physical skills side. Or you could have the reverse, where a kid is walking and running and climbing but isn’t talking much. Even some very young ages, we have some preferences in terms of what our strengths are.” Know your developmental milestones Knowing what to expect at different […]