Photo: Mr. Tempter (Shutterstock) Spending time in a sauna can feel good, but it can also entail a little bit of suffering; after all, if the weather outside were the same as the temperature in a sauna, you’d probably want to hide out in the air conditioning all day. There’s something about unpleasant bodily experiences that makes us think they must be good for us, somehow, and so the sauna has gained a healthful reputation that it doesn’t entirely deserve. Here’s a rundown of what a sauna can and can’t do for you. Saunas don’t burn fat It is technically true that you can lose weight by sitting in a sauna, but that’s not because your body is torching fat; it’s because you’re sweating, and sweat is made of water, and water weighs something. As soon as you rehydrate—which you should—the scale will go right back to where it was at the beginning. After all, as we discussed in the context of exercise, sweating doesn’t mean that you got a good workout or that you burned calories . It just means you were hot. People who sell saunas and sauna services like to talk up their calorie-burning benefits, but there’s no evidence to suggest you’re burning significantly more calories sitting in a hot room than you would sitting on your couch at home. Some more skeptical websites cite a modest figure of 1.5 to 2 times as many calories as you would burn sitting at room temperature, but without […]