This is our review of the 2021 Little Guy MyPod travel trailer, which should resume production about the time you read this. By Tony Barthel What is the definition of a travel trailer? Well, for some it’s a place to sleep that keeps you off the ground at night with some provision for managing temperature. In that case, the MyPod trailer by Little Guy Trailers qualifies. The MyPod is a solid answer to folks who have very small vehicles but still want a trailer they can easily tow. How small a vehicle are we talkin’? The MyPod can actually be towed by some touring bikes and many trikes. Throw in things like the Prius or Mini Cooper and you’ve got a very, very towable machine. Big things in little packages The MyPod’s total dry weight is just 760 pounds with a tongue weight of just 110 pounds. That’s probably less weight than the driver in the vehicle or whatever junk is in the trunk. What you get in this small package is a completely enclosed fiberglass “egg” that incorporates a mattress, TV, air conditioner and some storage. Furthermore, there’s a platform on the tongue if you want to bring a small generator. It’s a nifty little package that may be right for some campers. Competitors One of the things that may make this a good alternative to the Time Out Deluxe trailer is that it’s all enclosed in fiberglass. Some parks where there are bears don’t allow folding trailers. […]