Delete These Distracting (and Potentially Detrimental) Things From Your Resume

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Photo: jamesteohart (Shutterstock) While it’s true that your resume should highlight your accomplishments and experience relevant to the job you’re applying for, recruiters usually only spend about 7 seconds looking at resumes , on average. At this stage of the application process, they’re looking for a reason to reject applicants, which is why you don’t want to waste a precious second of their time on unnecessary information. Here’s all the stuff recruiters say you don’t need to include on your CV. Your mailing address An […]

What to Say to Little Girls Instead of ‘You Look So Pretty’

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Photo: 4 PM production (Shutterstock) This weekend, my daughter, who is eight, had an amazing soccer tournament. She hustled, made smart, strategic passes, and executed some gorgeous crosses in front of goal. She also scored seven times, helping her team win the final and take home the trophy. Then someone (who shall remain nameless), as I was hyping up how well she played, interjected, “And guess what? While you were playing, a group boys stopped and pointed at you and said, Who’s that girl? She’s […]

What We Actually Know About How Social Media Affects Teens’ Mental Health

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Photo: CarlosBarquero (Shutterstock) Instagram makes teen girls feel worse about their bodies, according to internal Facebook documents published in the Wall Street Journal . (Facebook owns Instagram.) The app is full of pictures of impossibly thin and beautiful people, so that tracks; and we’ve been fretting for years over the dangers of young people having access to digital devices. But is Insta really rotting kids’ brains? The truth is probably more complex, and the data is definitely incomplete. I say this not to defend Facebook […]

Why Airbnb Isn’t Worth All Those Fees, According to Reddit

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Photo: RightFramePhotoVideo (Shutterstock) Last summer, I booked a secluded, moody Airbnb in rural Washington and spent a relaxing few days in a land where everything looked and felt exactly like I was in a scene from Twilight . So when I needed a place to sleep in Portland, Maine last month, I turned to Airbnb in search of another satisfying experience. But after considering the costs of the available rentals about six weeks out from my trip, I started comparing prices to hotels–just in case. […]

Unusual climate event shaping up for this winter

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A Sudden Stratospheric Warming event may be on the way this winter, a phenomenon in which the Polar Vortex is disrupted and extreme weather strikes in unusual places––like the winter storm in Texas last year. North Dakota is in the midst of a drought so bad that it is being compared to the Dust Bowl , threatening the livelihood of ranchers and famers. More than two feet of rain fell in Italy in a single day , the first time that’s happened in European history. […]

How to Build Your Own Stylish Hexagon Shelf

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Photo: Pixel-Shot (Shutterstock) A hexagon shelf can hold anything from cell phones to succulents, and even better, it can be built from scrap wood. It’s a clever, stylish way to upcycle any wood that’s leftover from home repair projects, and just might save you a trip to IKEA (plus you’ll earn bragging rights). What you’ll need First, a few tools: A chop saw that can handle angled or miter cuts is preferred, but if you don’t have one of those, a miter box and hand […]

12 COVID-Era Box Office Flops That Deserve Another Chance

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Screenshot: Onward/Pixar Though slightly below projections, No Time to Die ’s opening weekend box office grosses in the US —coming hot on the heels of Venom: Let There Be Carnage ’s positively pre-pandemic $90-million weekend—suggest people are indeed getting more comfortable with heading back to movie theaters (whether that’s a good idea or not probably depends on where you live and how many shots you’ve had). Great news for the studios and theater chains, yeah—and also for ticket buyers who miss the big screen experience. […]

What Is a Parasocial Relationship (and How to Know If You’re in One)?

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If you spend any time on Twitter or other social media platforms, you’re bound to encounter words that you usually learn in therapy. “Gaslighting” is one. “Toxic” is another that is thrown around so often it has started to lose its meaning. And lately, a new contender has entered the ring: “Parasocial relationship.” What the hell is a parasocial relationship? A parasocial interaction, as coined by sociologists Richard Wohl and Donald Horton in 1956, is a type of psychological relationship. The two sociologists observed that […]

This 3-Ingredient Vegan Marinara Is My New Favorite

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Photo: Rimma Bondarenko (Shutterstock) I don’t know if it’s an east coast Italian thing, a Calabrian thing, or what, but my boyfriend’s Italian family is not into butter as a cooking fat. They are an olive oil family, a fact I learned when I made the man a spaghetti dinner with Marcella Hazan’s three-ingredient tomato sauce with butter and onion. He did not like it because he could “taste the butter,” which, to me, is a truly wild reason to dislike something. But, even though […]

Research finds vaccinated people are less likely to spread COVID

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According to researchers in England, vaccinated people are less likely to spread COVID than the unvaccinated . Essentially, you are 65% less likely to get COVID if the person you come into contact with has been vaccinated. In the first half of 2021, fully vaccinated Brits made up only 1% of COVID deaths , demonstrating the efficacy of the vaccines. According to the WHO, COVID will continue to mutate––just as the flu does––and it’s therefore going to be here to stay . The US has […]

EcoFlow’s giant battery can power your home for days

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Power banks may be the backpack essential to keep your devices charged on-the-go, but the pandemic and this year’s debilitating power outages demonstrated home backup batteries are even more indispensable to your charging arsenal. Because you experience about six hours of power interruptions on average every year ( USEIA ). And that’s only increasing — both in duration and number of times the lights go out. Modern eco-friendly generators have traded gas fill-ups for solar charging, wall-tethered installations for portability, and deliver enough power on […]

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After Recap: Eat, Then Leave!

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Every week, I write these recaps and tell you how much I love Yara. I truly thought Yara could do no wrong, until she invited Jovi’s family over for Ukranian Christmas and then made them leave as soon as they annoyed her. Now, look, in general, I absolutely respect this move. If Yara doesn’t want them in her house and they’re insulting her food, they can go. But as an adult who understands the complicated politics of family, I can admit that Yara did the wrong thing here. Yara might […]

Years after Woolsey and Thomas Fires, survivors explain why they still haven’t rebuilt their homes

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This home burned down in the Woolsey Fire. The lot is for sale, but few people have shown interest in buying it. The Woolsey Fire swept through LA and Ventura County three years ago, and no two streets are the same when you weave through neighborhoods in the burn scar. Some homes are untouched, some are partially built. Some lots are completely empty, or have an RV parked on a flat patch of dirt while homeowners wait for construction to start. “Even that afternoon of the fire, I kept saying, […]

How to Get a Passport for the First Time

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Photo: Shutterstock (Shutterstock) One of the first rites of passage for any traveler is getting your passport. And while some people have been traveling internationally since they were little, plenty of others have never had a passport and don’t know how to get the process started. This information is for them. (Please note: The procedures described below apply to getting a passport under normal circumstances; as with everything else, the pandemic is continuing to throw the once-typical timelines into upheaval , and revised timelines are indicated). What documents and information […]

How to Download Spotify Songs to Your Apple Watch Instead of Streaming Them

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Screenshot: Beth Skwarecki, Spotify Spotify has finally delivered what we once called the “Holy Grail of smartphone streaming”—the ability to download songs to your watch, so you can listen to them even when your phone is at home and you’re jogging through the woods without a data connection. The feature is rolling out now, although you’ll need a Spotify Premium account to use it. By the way, to play any kind of music from your Apple Watch, you’ll need to connect your bluetooth headphones to the watch (it won’t play […]

How to Make Time Slow Down

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One of the most striking things about aging is how one’s perception of time changes over the years. When you’re a kid, time seems like it stretches on forever: A week can feel like a year, and a year can feel like a lifetime. But as you age, time seems to speed up. Sure, a particularly draining workday might drag on, but years pass by seemingly in seconds, and you might find yourself tearing through a decade as fast as a lunch break. Why does time pass so quickly as […]

Colombia COVID deaths top 100,000

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Colombia has seen more than 100,000 COVID deaths as cases surg e. Only some 10% of the Colombian population are vaccinated. “Lambada,” a COVID variant of interest, now accounts for the vast majority of COVID cases in Peru, and is spreading throughout South America. The strain is believed to have emerged in South America and has been known since last August. In southeast Asia, one of the highly infectious COVID variants from India has been found in Vietnam, spreading alarm of a new surge . India has recorded its lowest […]

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