12 of the Worst Wedding Guest Faux Pas, According to Lifehacker Readers

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Photo: IVASHstudio (Shutterstock) Brides get plenty of flak for acting demanding during the fraught lead-up to their Big Day. (See: Bridezilla movies, TV shows, articles.) Which is why, for a change, we’re turning our eye to the terrible behavior of wedding guests . Because a lot can go wrong when long lost relatives, jealous siblings, old college roommates, and uninvited plus ones come together to partake of an open bar. Earlier this week we asked Lifehacker readers to share the worst wedding guest faux pas […]

The Out-of-Touch Adults’ Guide to Kid Culture: Meme-ing the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard Trial

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Screenshot: mculokii/TikTok (Fair Use) This week everyone is talking about imaginary dragons and a real legal case. Hopefully the trailer for House of the Dragon will draw some attention away from the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial. Also: It’s prom time again, and this year it isn’t being held on Zoom. Viral video of the week: The House of the Dragon trailer It’s been too long since the Game of Thrones finale , but the Westeros drought is set to end this August, when HBO releases […]

You Can Finally Use VRR on PlayStation 5

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Photo: Mohsen Vaziri (Shutterstock) Following a recent system update, the PlayStation 5 finally supports VRR (variable refresh rate). VRR is a video setting that dynamically adjusts your TV or monitor’s refresh rate to match a game’s FPS (frames per second). This prevents annoying graphical issues like dropped frames, hitching, and screen tearing that occur when the display’s refresh rate doesn’t match gameplay FPS. Check out our VRR explainer for more information on the technology and why it matters for games. PlayStation 5 VRR requirements VRR […]

Your Passwords Are Worse Than You Think (and the Easiest Ways to Fix Them)

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Photo: Vitalii Vodolazskyi (Shutterstock) Rejoice, for today is World Password Day! You don’t get a day off work, but you do get a reminder that your security is likely at great risk. If you recycle the same password for multiple accounts (don’t lie, I know you do), or you use simple passwords because they’re “easy to remember,” you need World Password Day. Google ran a survey of 4,000 American adults in an effort to understand the steps they take to keep their digital lives secure. […]

9 Ways to Foster Financial Intimacy in a New Relationship

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Photo: LightField Studios (Shutterstock) When assessing a potential long-term partner, many factors must be considered. Their values, emotional management, political leanings—and so much more. One facet that sometimes gets glossed over in new relationships is the subject of money. While you don’t want to kill the vibe by inquiring how much student debt they have on the first date, it is a subject that should be discussed early on. We all have different relationships with money. Some of us are cautious-minded savers, others are profligate […]

Once You’re Done Reposting Infographics About Injustice, Do This

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Photo: encierro (Shutterstock) Every time a major social justice issue is in the news, the infographics come. You’ll see the same bright, flashy, eye-catching boxes of text shared to numerous friends’ Instagram Stories. Your friends are signaling their interest in a topic and making it clear where they stand—but is that really helpful? There is more to activism than posting a well-designed graphic: Here are the next steps you should take. There is nothing wrong with sharing infographics First of all, there is really nothing […]

Why Knowing Your Area’s ‘Hardiness Zone’ Can Keep Your Plants Alive

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Screenshot: United States Department of Agriculture/Stephen Johnson (Fair Use) Have you ever looked at the tag on a plant at your local garden center and been perplexed that it says something like “Zones 5-9”? This number refers to the “hardiness zones” defined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture that act as a guide to which plants will survive best in which regions of the country. While there many factors beyond this number that determine how successful a plant will be, understanding and using hardiness zones […]

This Site Helps You Find Books Set Where You Live

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Screenshot: Joel Cunningham I read a lot of science fiction and fantasy because I love it when books take me to new worlds or imagine new realities, but there’s something to be said for writing that connects you with the places you already know. Few things delight me more as a reader than picking up a book and discovering the action is set in a city I’ve been to in real life—or even better, in the city where I live. Unfortunately, I currently reside in […]

The ‘Four Horsemen’ That Can Predict Whether You’ll Get Divorced

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Photo: fizkes (Shutterstock) Divorce is the big “D” word that no one in a marriage wants to think about—but we all know it happens, even to couples whose relationship was once happy and strong. If you’ve been struggling with your relationship—or you’re just someone who’d rather be proactive than reactive when it comes to your marriage—you might be wondering if there’s something that could help you and your partner avoid divorce altogether. Dr. John Gottman, a renowned psychologist and relationship expert, is known for his […]

What Are the Worst Wedding Guest Faux Pas You’ve Ever Seen?

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Photo: nadtochiy (Shutterstock) It’s wedding season, and you know what that means. All across the country, people are about to take off work, buy (or rent) expensive new duds, watch that formerly single friend say “I do,” gorge themselves on passed hors d’oeuvres, and get caught up in a Macarena or Electric Slide moment they swore they wouldn’t partake in. While much has been written about what not to do as a wedding host (See: not provide enough food, making guests pay for drinks, inviting […]

20 of the Most Misunderstood and Misinterpreted Movies Ever Made

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Screenshot: Fight Club/20th Century Fox That fact that a film is misinterpreted can’t always be laid at the feet of an audience: director François Truffaut famously suggested that it’s nearly impossible to make an anti-war film, since the job of a filmmaker is to create compelling characters and situations that inevitably make war look exciting. You can extend that thinking to the creation of compelling villains and anti-heroes—Michael Douglas’ Gordon Gekko, the odious stockbroker in Oliver Stone’s Wall Street, became a hero to many who […]

This Article Was Written by AI

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Photo: Jinning Li (Shutterstock) Is your job safe from artificial intelligence? As a writer who depends on finding the right words for my own thoughts, I foolishly believed I might be relatively robot-proof. Turns out, with AI copywriting sites like Copymatic , I was dead wrong. I like to hope that there are some areas of uniquely human creativity that can’t be produced by AI quite yet. That’s why I take comfort in things like the first stand-up comedy special written entirely by bots , […]

The Seven Different Types of Jerks at Work (and How to Deal With Them)

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We’ve all dealt with our share of jerks at work. It might be the colleague who sucks up to the boss, the person who manages to do none of the work while taking all of the credit, or the boss that wants to micromanage every aspect of your day. Whatever your work jerk looks like, one thing is for certain: They can make life a living hell. As it turns out, even work jerks have a type. As Tessa West , an associate professor of […]

Five Spring Allium Recipes to Make Before It’s too Late

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Photo: Sam Palazzi So many incredible meals begin with an onion. They’re an absolute kitchen staple, and the base for the stews and soups that helped us survive the winter. But now it’s spring—time to cheat on them with their fresh and fragrant cousins before the season is over. All spring alliums—leeks, spring onions, ramps, green garlic, scallions, and chives, to name a handful—share a similar foundational flavor with the ubiquitous bulb onion, but their exciting range of intensity, sweetness, and spiciness can pack so […]

How to Get Your Resume Past an Automated Applicant Tracking System

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Photo: Neomaster (Shutterstock) About 75% of recruiters use an applicant tracking system (ATS) for their hiring process—and an even higher percentage (around 99%) of Fortune 500 companies do, as well. Understanding how an ATS works can help you improve your marketability to potential employers and stand out from other candidates in the hiring pool, ultimately pushing your resume past the ATS and into the hands of a human recruiter. How does an ATS system work? An ATS—sometimes called resume screening software—is a technology that companies […]

The Least Popular States to Visit in the U.S. (and Why You Should Travel There)

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Photo: ChristineMinato (Shutterstock) If you’re American, it’s not uncommon for your travel bucket list to include visiting all fifty states. You’ve probably gotten some of the big ones, like New York, California, and Florida, out of the way already—that’s because these states have obvious attractions. No one wonders if there are any fun activities to do in the Big Apple or along the California coast. The daunting aspect of visiting all fifty states isn’t visiting the heavy hitters; it’s figuring out what to do in […]

Which ePaper Tablet Is Best for Digital Notes?

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Photo: chainarong06 (Shutterstock) We may never be completely rid of paper—aside from its advantages, paper will always have a “feel” that simply appeals to some folks—but we’re entering a brave new world where digital documents live harmoniously with their printed cousins. You already might keep e-books on your Kindle and print books on your shelf, or documents in the cloud and hardcopies in a folder. The future isn’t all about leaving things behind, it’s about having more choices . Why buy an ePaper tablet? ePaper […]

How to Fix (or Prevent) Blackouts on Your Nintendo Switch

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Photo: Shutterstock (Shutterstock) The brilliance of the Nintendo Switch is how it gives you the ability to go from playing a game handheld to experiencing it on your big screen in seconds. That brilliance is certainly dimmed, however, if you have to deal with intermittent blackouts on your TV. If you’re experiencing this issue with your Switch, there are two things you should know: You’re not alone, and there’s a solution. Reddit user r/Ramen-Noodle-Bear had this problem . They were struggling to figure out why […]

How ‘Benign Neglect’ Can Actually Improve Your Garden

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Photo: 1000 Words (Shutterstock) If you like the idea of a bountiful garden, but you’re less keen on all the watering, fertilizing, and care it entails, I have a gardening philosophy to share with you: It’s called “ benign neglect .” The idea is to create conditions favorable for plants native to an area, and just let them do their thing while you sit back and drink Mai Tais. It sounds basic, but benign neglect is the opposite of centuries of garden design tradition, where […]

What’s New on Paramount+ in May 2022

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Image: Strange New Worlds promotional poster/Paramount Paramount keeps rebooting S tar Trek , and I keep coming back, hoping whatever they’re trying now will hit like The Next Generation did back in the ‘90s (I am very old). Strange New Worlds is the latest attempt, and I’ll be damed if the trailer doesn’t make it seem like they’ve finally gotten it right. Star Trek is a franchise—and I say this as a longtime adherent—that has always struggled when aiming for an audience larger than the […]

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