How to Initiate Your Alexa Routines by Using Different Phrases

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Photo: ekokat (Shutterstock) Custom Routines are one of the handiest features of the Amazon Echo—you can use them to launch a cascade of home automation actions before bed or play specific media each morning—all in response to a single request. And now Alexa can respond to up to seven unique phrases per routine (versus just one), so you can trigger the same series of actions whether you say “Alexa, goodnight” or “Alexa, it’s bedtime” or “Alexa, go the hell to sleep,” etc. You can also use wording completely unrelated to […]

How to Get Exactly What You Want at a Botox Appointment

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Photo: G-Stock Studio (Shutterstock) When you see someone with facial injectables you don’t like, there’s something you need to remember (besides the fact that your opinion on someone else’s aesthetic enhancements isn’t relevant): For everyone with exaggerated filler or too-frozen Botox you spot in the wild, there are dozens more people walking around with work so undetectable you’d never know they paid for their face to look how it does. Whether you want to be clearly done-up or natural-looking, getting your desired results is as much of a delicate science […]

The Long Long Trailer

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u/DEVOURfoods ·promoted 90% sure this is not a travel trailer. In that time frame there was a thing called a "park model", which looked like a TT but was heavy, made for full-time residence, and didn’t have any self-containment (no holding tanks, no battery). They were meant to be hauled into place and left there semi-permanently, perhaps relocated a handful of times in their lives. In more recent times that role is filled by manufactured homes, so-called "trailer houses". [Sources: (a) cousins lived in a trailer park when I was […]

Slide Into the Weekend With a Boozy B&B

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Photo: Claire Lower I am, to quote my favorite show , the tiredest I have ever been in my life. There is no real reason for it, except for the fact that I’ve been having incredibly active, involved dreams every night, which is not entirely restful. I feel dull and draggy, and not inclined to shake or stir a single drink. I still would like a drink , however, but I do not have the energy to “put on clothes” and “go to a bar.” Lucky for me, and anyone […]

What You Should Know About Guillain-Barré Syndrome and COVID Vaccines

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Photo: aijiro (Shutterstock) Some people who got the Johnson & Johnson/Janssen COVID-19 vaccine (the one-dose vaccine) have developed a condition known as Guillain-Barré syndrome . It’s happened often enough that the FDA has asked them to add a note about this to the patient fact sheet, but it’s still not considered to change the risk/benefit balance of getting your shot. (All the COVID vaccines are much safer than getting actual COVID.) What is Guillain-Barré syndrome? First, because it’s not obvious: The first word is pronounced “GEE-yawn” and the second rhymes […]

Make These Variations on TikTok’s Whipped Lemonade

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Photo: Dementieva Iryna (Shutterstock) In recent days, you may have seen a new lemonade recipe making the rounds on social media. Called “ whipped lemonade ,” it’s made by whipping one-fourth of a cup of heavy cream with two tablespoons of powdered lemonade mix. Once the cream has been whipped into soft peaks, you spoon the mixture into a small glass filled with one cup of water and a handful of ice cubes, after which you stir or shake the mixture. The result is a creamy, tangy, lemony goodness that […]

Community mourns the loss of Linda and Anthony Oyster

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Play Video 00:00 00:00 space play / pause q unload | stop f fullscreen shift + ← → slower / faster ↑ ↓ volume m mute ← → seek . seek to previous 1 2 … 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% "[Linda] will be sorely missed by all who knew her. Certainly our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who is touched by this loss. as friends, community members, and colleagues, we will continue to love and support the holt family in whatever [we] can," Benner said. NORTH […]

How to Cold Call a Job Recruiter (and Why You Should)

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Photo: NabuPhotoBank (Shutterstock) The latest Bureau of Labor Statistics report says the U.S. added 850,000 jobs in June, and who knows—one of those could be your dream job! Or your dream job could be one that hasn’t been made up yet, but might be, if the decision-makers at the right company only knew about you, your skills, and your goals. Whether your ideal job is “anything else” besides your current one or something hyper-specific, you’re probably spending a lot of time trawling open position postings, lurking on LinkedIn, or even […]

CDC recommends unvaccinated students, teachers wear masks at school

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As teachers, parents, and children begin looking ahead to the next school year, the CDC has advised that all unvaccinated persons wear masks indoors . According to Anthony Fauci, a touch over 99% of COVID deaths involve people who have not been vaccinated . Dr. William Schaffner, a professor in the Division of Infectious Diseases at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, has called unvaccinated people are “variant factories,” increasing the likelihood that new variants, like the highly-infectious Delta variant, will emerge. Johnson & Johnson has reported that its vaccine is effective […]

How to Be an Adult, With Julie Lythcott-Haims

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Photo: Micaela Heck/Elena Scotti How do you know when you’re officially an adult? When is it okay to quit a job, and when should you stick it out? How the heck do you figure out what you want to do with your life? This week, we’re tackling all of these questions and more with help from the ever-wise Julie Lythcott-Haims—author of the New York Times bestseller, How to Raise An Adult: Break Free of the Overparenting Trap and Prepare Your Kid for Success and Your Turn: How to Be An […]

Know the Difference Between a Child’s Immaturity and Developmental Delays

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Photo: Maja Marjanovic (Shutterstock) When it comes to growing up, some children need a little more time. Maturing slower than their peers can be hard for a kid though, especially once they start school. If all their friends are moving on to different activities and interests while their own schoolwork is getting progressively harder, it can leave them feeling lonely and left-out, with their friends teasing them for still doing “babyish” things. If your child is struggling with growing up and seems to be developing at a slower pace than […]

Need help with a mobile wifi solution

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I have yet to visit a state park with WiFi. State parks tend to be better than private. More space and surrounded by nature. Private campgrounds often, but not always, have WiFi. The speeds may not be good enough for streaming. Sometimes you can pay extra for faster speeds. The above is to point out that a park WiFi solution is only going to work if they go to the right parks. Your travel router idea is correct but their trailer may not be close enough to the to the […]

WHO urges vaccinated people to keep practicing COVID precautions

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The World Health Organization has encouraged fully vaccinated people to keep practicing COVID precautions as the Delta variant spreads rapidly . In Springfield, MO, there has been a 225% increase in hospitalizations since June 1, in large part thanks to the new Delta variant . The Delta variant, a more infectious variant of COVID-19, is infecting a rising number of people in rural Kansas and Missouri . The spread of the variant likely stems from the regions low vaccination rates. The Delta variant has also been found in Arizona . […]

22 History Facts You Didn’t Learn in School, According to Reddit

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Why did muskets replace archery? How did vanilla become the standard ice cream flavor? What’s up with Grimm’s grisly fairy tales? Photo: Triff (Shutterstock) Where do you go to find surprising true facts from history, backed up by solid sources and told with nuance? You may be shocked to hear the answer is: Reddit. The sub called r/AskHistorians specializes in exactly this, with experts writing in-depth answers to questions about any area of history. Some answers are straightforward, but often we learn that history is more complicated than we thought, […]

Vaccine hesitancy in India raises fears of next surge

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Vaccine hesitancy in India––especially among rural Indians, who believe the virus is only in cities––is paving the way for another potential surge, worrying health officials both domestic and international . Reminders of the damage done by past surges are all too plentiful. Hundreds of death shrouds appeared when rains washed away the top layer of sands along the Ganges in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh . Unaccounted for dead spread across the sands. Meanwhile in Bihar, the death toll for April and May was revised from about 5,500 to […]

How to Introduce a New Partner to Your Parents

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Introducing a new love interest to your mom and dad is nerve-wracking, whether it’s the first or ninth time you’ve done it. What if they don’t like your new boyfriend? What if your new girlfriend doesn’t like them? We can’t stop you from bringing home a stinker, but we can try to help make this meeting go smoother—and keep the peace if it doesn’t. Orchestrate a few mini-meetups If you live far from your parents, FaceTime them while you’re hanging out with your boo. Swivel the phone a little and […]

The Pros And Cons Of Living In A Camper Full-Time

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The Pros And Cons Of Living In A Camper Full-Time Living in any RV requires a commitment to a more minimalistic lifestyle whether you’re in a 45-foot diesel pusher or a small truck camper or camper van. There are a couple of reasons a trailer or camper might not be the best choice for full-time living, but it’s worth noting that NO recreational vehicle is built and sold for the purpose of becoming a full-time residence. If you talk to the manufacturers and dealers, they all affirm that RVs are […]

Why Pitbulls Can’t Swim, and Other Things to Know Before Taking Your Dog in the Water

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Photo: stodolskaya2 (Shutterstock) Everyone loves a dog in a pool. Watching a pup paddle around, snout just above the surface, is a pastime so adored we’ve even named a swimming stroke in its honor. However, that doesn’t mean you should assume you can toss any dog into a pool without a life jacket, thinking natural instincts will take over—it turns out not all dogs swim easily, and there are a number of things you have to consider before lounging with your pooch by the pool, choreographing a summer photo op […]

How Much Interest You Actually Pay, Based on Your Credit Score

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Photo: Stokkete (Shutterstock) Your credit score is important to lenders, as it helps them assess you as a credit risk, but it’s important to you, too, because it ultimately determines the interest rates you pay on credit cards and loans. While I knew this in my early twenties, the significance didn’t really sink in until I thought of it in terms of pure cash —how much more or less was I spending on interest alone, based on my credit score? Here’s a look at how that might break down for […]

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