Russia heading for massive debt default

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Russia is heading for a massive debt default as a $100m payment looms . Meanwhile, Putin has dismissed the West’s sanctions as “stupid.” Canada has imposed more sanctions on Russian oil, gas, and chemical industries . Microsoft is scaling down operations in Russia. Marriott has suspended operations in Russia entirely , saying that the sanctions make it too hard to operate. Starbucks is also closing 130 locations across Russia , joining other major corporations including McDonald and the German industrial giant Siemens. The Russian finance […]

These Airlines Let You ‘Carry on’ for Free

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Photo: Have a nice day Photo (Shutterstock) As the cost of flights continue to go up, consumers are looking for ways to rein in the total cost of their airfare. One fee you can avoid if you play it right is paying for the honor of bringing your luggage onto their plane. Each airline has its own set of rules and definitions for baggage. What’s technically a carry-on bag? What’s a personal item? Which one is free, and which one do you have to pay […]

What’s New on HBO Max in July 2022

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Screenshot: Harley Quinn Season 3 trailer/HBO Max (Fair Use) Did you hear? Lady Gaga is (probably) going to play Harley Quinn in a musical sequel to Joker . While that’s certainly interesting casting, she’ll have a hard time displacing from my heart my current favorite iteration of the character, from HBO Max’s foul-mouthed, violently funny, just plain violent Harley Quinn animated series, which returns for season three sometimes this month. This Harley is a no-holds-barred-or-words-bleeped exaggeration of the Batman: The Animated Series femme fatal first […]

Why You Probably Shouldn’t Pay for Telegram Premium

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Photo: Diego Thomazini (Shutterstock) No free service remains free forever. For some apps, such as Instagram, advertising pays the price of your admission—and you’ll likely see more ads the longer the service has been around. Others eventually try to get their users to pay a subscription fee. Telegram , the popular messaging app that competes with WhatsApp, has taken the latter route. Telegram Premium is a paid subscription targeted at Telegram’s most dedicated users. It adds features such as increased limits for file sizes and […]

10 Ways to Make Chrome a Better Android Browser

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Photo: dennizn (Shutterstock) Chrome is the default browser for a huge number of Android smartphones, and mostly, that’s a good thing—it’s a solid, dependable mobile browser that might even seem a bit too simplistic on its face. But don’t let the looks deceive you: While Chrome is indeed a simple browser, it comes packed with a ton of features and customization options. You just need to know where to look. Here are 10 options every user should know about.

These Free Store Loyalty Programs Are Actually Worth Signing Up For

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Photo: Golubovy (Shutterstock) With inflation doing its thing right now , it’s not a bad time to be a little more careful with your wallet in all aspects of your spending—including which pharmacies, grocery stores, and other places you shop at. Some stores offer impressive perks for customers who sign up for their free loyalty programs; the access you get to special deals, the coupons, and the earnings you get on purchases make downloading any of these apps a no-brainer, especially if you’ll be shopping […]

These G Suite Alternatives Are Cheaper or Free

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Photo: monticello (Shutterstock) G Suite (formerly Google Workspace) has shut down its free plans—you can no longer pay for a domain name and use Google’s business email for free. This move isn’t really going to bother big organizations much, as they’re all on paid tiers already, but small business owners or individuals using G Suite will be forced to pay or look for free alternatives. Transitioning to a paid G Suite account For most people, the smoothest transition will be to a paid G Suite […]

What RV is best for full time living?

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RV living is an adventure in itself! As you can image going from living in a house with multiple bedrooms, a basement, probably more than one bathroom into living in a space that is a few hundred square feet has its challenges. We have been living, working and traveling full time in an RV since May 2014 with 4 kids. Here is a ton of information on what we have learned about full time RV living and what we wish we knew before we started! […]

How to Make a Duckling Think You’re Its Mother

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Photo: Nadezhda Zaruchevskaia (Shutterstock) My goal in life is to have a squad of six ducklings following me around at all times, because I think this will make girls like me. I’ve tried walking around with a parrot on my shoulder, wearing spats, and being super into iguanas, and none of them worked out, but I have a solid shot with the ducklings. They’re really cute. Soon, I’ll be able to walk into Starbucks with all muh duckies and be like, “Gimme a latte,” and […]

Sellers Are Already Lowering Home Prices in These Cities

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Photo: Andy Dean Photography (Shutterstock) As inflation and interest rates rise in tandem, the price of homes in certain United States cities begun to fall—or at least level off. According to Redfin Real Estate News , an increasing number of home sellers began lowering their asking prices this month, signaling a cooling in the recently red-hot housing market. Redfin attributes the drop to rapidly rising mortgage rates cutting into the budgets of prospective buyers, causing a drop in home buying sentiment given recessionary fears, stock […]

Take These Shortcake Fixings Along When You Go Berry-Picking

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Photo: Claire Lower Once a year, I go strawberry picking with my friend Amanda. (You might know Amanda; she writes about pickles and parties .) Rummaging through leaves while hunched over, getting all itchy in search of the perfect, vibrantly red berry may not sound like fun, but there is something meditative about it, and I do enjoy the chatting with friends part. Mostly though, I enjoy the reward. Not the flats of berries we load into the car, though that is a reward, but […]

What’s New on Hulu in July 2022

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Image: What We Do in the Shadows promotional poster/FX If there’s nothing good on Disney+ in July, it might be because their corporate parent, the Walt Disney Co., decided to put everything good on Hulu. It’s an especially strong month for the streamer, which will premiere a handful of star-packed films and benefit from the return of cult favorite TV series, including new seasons of What We Do in the Shadows (July 13) and American Horror Stories (July 21). On the movie front, the service […]

10 Exercise Videos for Super Beginners

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Photo: shurkin_son (Shutterstock) While plenty of beginners can pick up a program and figure out the gym machines as they go, it’s also totally normal to feel intimidated by the whole process. Especially if programs and videos seem to expect a fitness level a notch or two above where you are right now, it can be tough to figure out where to start. To save you the hassle, here are 10 exercise videos that will provide even the beginner-est beginners a place to get started […]

What’s New on Netflix in July 2022

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Screenshot: Stranger Things/Netflix Can a big summer blockbuster successfully translate to streaming services, or is the hope dead on arrival? The loyal theater-goer in me says that an epic car chase will never feel the same on a laptop screen, but if there’s a movie that will put my skepticism to the test, it looks like it’ll be The Gray Man . The spy thriller is the most expensive Netflix film to date , with the stars of the film calling it the “biggest action […]

The Best and Worst Times to Drive This 4th of July Weekend, According to AAA

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Photo: cleanfotos (Shutterstock) The price of a gallon of gas may still be hovering around $5, but that’s not stopping people from hitting the road for the upcoming July 4 weekend. In fact, experts at the American Automobile Association (AAA, aka “Triple A”) expect 47.9 million people to travel at least 50 miles from home between June 30 and July 4—out of which, a potentially record-breaking 42 million people will be going by car. With so many vehicles on the road, unless you embark on […]

Ask Yourself These Questions Before Committing to a Much Younger Partner

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Photo: Dmytro Zinkevych (Shutterstock) Maybe age is just a number, but if you’re dating a younger partner or considering pursuing one, it’s important to consider certain questions before taking things further. Depending on what you want in life and in your relationships—from sexual desires to children to emotional fulfillment—there are crucial considerations to keep in mind when it comes to dating a younger partner with a considerable age gap. While there are definite hurdles when it comes to dating a younger partner, Dr. Sarah E. […]

How to Keep Flies Away From Your Yard (and Out of Your House)

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Photo: Nikul6533 (Shutterstock) It’s summer, and that means one thing: wretched goddamn flies getting all up in my yard, ruining my barbecues. How can I keep them away this year, once and for all? How can I—and you—drive flies, gnats, and other flying pests back from whence they came so they stop bothering us in our yards? The short answer is: You can’t. Unless you encase your property in mosquito netting, insects will come into your yard. They’re small, they can fly, and you are […]

10 Ways Listening to Your Health Apps Can Backfire

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Photo: Africa Studio (Shutterstock) We buy fitness trackers and install health-related apps because we want to be healthier, so it seems natural to chase whatever metrics the apps give us. But those metrics are there because they’re easy for an algorithm to measure and judge— not because we’ll be healthier if we try to max out every score every day. Here are a few ways your apps can steer you wrong.

The Energy Bars With the Best Ingredients (and Least Sugar)

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Photo: Rido (Shutterstock) Energy bars—those dense squares of nutrients that bring to mind 1970s dystopian sci-fi movies—offer obvious benefits. They’re convenient, delivering a full serving of calories and nutrition without any prep; they’re shelf-stable; they’re perfect for those busy moments when preparing a more traditional meal isn’t possible. But while many of these bars are reasonably healthy, the term “energy bar” can be misleading: A closer look at the nutrition labels will reveal that some are essentially candy bars in fancy packaging. If your goal […]

Everything New in Chrome 103

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Photo: slyellow (Shutterstock) As reported by How-To Geek , Chrome 103 is arriving today for all Chromium-based browser users. While the list of new features is small this time around, there are three new options for desktop browsers, as well as one new change for Chrome on Android. If you want to see websites load faster and have more notification prompts blocked, you’ll want to update to 103 as soon as possible. (Unlike last month’s Chrome 102 update , at this point 103 doesn’t seem […]

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