Here’s how you can make the most out of spring break this year

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Vacation pods. Travel bubbles. COVID clusters. However you call it, this new approach to group travel in pandemic times involves carefully selecting a small group of family and/or friends—siblings, neighbors, college besties—then ensuring everyone sticks to agreed-upon rules of pre-trip quarantining and testing, masking, and social distancing. In recent weeks, the news of vaccination rollouts and virus mutations have added to considerations of whether or not to travel. But after nearly a year of virtual schooling and working in often close quarters, it’s no wonder many families are banding […]

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Good News: Things to smile about this week, January 24, 2021

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In the midst of an abundance of bad news – rising COVID numbers, unemployment, evictions, homelessness and hunger – some good news stories still bubble to the surface. We find ourselves mostly posting bad, sad or frustrating news in our Sunday newsletter. It’s not our fault, of course, but we want to make sure you come here and smile too. That’s why we’re bringing you this “Good News” column. 24 VOLUNTEERS AND MORE THAN 9,000 POUNDS OF TRASH The Tennessee River in Humphreys County, Tennessee, is a much cleaner […]

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Timothy Patrick Simmons

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Columbia Hills Memorial Chapel Timothy Patrick Simmons was born January 27, 1946 in Olympia, WA. He passed away peacefully on January 1, 2021 surrounded by his wife Linda, daughters Lynn, Kymm and lifelong friend Diane. Tim was the son of Claude and Alice Simmons. He grew up on the family farm in Toppenish, WA and graduated from Toppenish High School in 1964. While attending high school he played football for the Toppenish Wildcats. After graduation he worked for the Champoux Brothers in their hop fields along with another hay […]

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Camping in a School Bus, This RV Renovation Pushes the Limits

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If you didn’t already know, camping in a school bus is a real thing. In fact, the community refers to this unique type of RV as a skoolie. Since no RV manufacturers build school bus RVs, every skoolie you see on the road is a one-of-a-kind build. They have some obvious benefits. School buses are made to carry a lot of weight. It would be hard to reach its weight limitations. Also, you can find used school buses for super cheap. Many schools auction them off for pennies on […]

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Dump your holding tanks from inside your RV

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EDITOR What modification have you made to your RV that has had the most positive impact on your RV lifestyle? That thought came to me in the shower this morning. Here’s why. As I enjoyed the initial pleasure of the warm water, I noticed the drain was backing up — a full gray water tank! I routinely keep the gray water tank closed until it’s full or almost full, as we all should do. For most RVers in my situation, dumping the tank would mean drying off, dressing and […]

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Transcribe Google Video Chats Instantly With

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Photo: Andrey_Popov (Shutterstock) is a solid service that can magically turn your conversations into transcriptions—ones that typically require little editing after the fact. Especially if your call quality was decent and your subject doesn’t mumble, like I do. Now, if you install a simple Chrome extension , you’ll be able to use to automatically transcribe your Google Meet calls in real time. It’s incredibly useful if your job relies on Google Meet to connect with colleagues. The extension works for both free and paid users. You’ll […]

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Popular Boondocking Site Closed, Citing “Gov’t Has Their Own Rules”

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And so it begins. Less than one month into 2021, another boondocking (free camping) site has reported that it is closed. This time it’s a popular spot east of the Mississippi. Closing these locations has been a common theme since more RVers have hit the road over the last 12 months. In response to less air travel and hotel stays, camping is growing in popularity. But, boondocking is suffering the consequences. We’ll share the exact spot and what the government officials say it the reasoning. Let’s dive in. What […]

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New plans underway for Liberty Beach

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Owners of Liberty Beach, Mike and Margie Christensen, are making plans to implement RV campsites at Liberty Beach, with the expected date of this summer. Liberty Beach, located on 5454 Waterway Road on the east side of Mille Lacs Lake, will soon start to see more action, as a new business venture by local entrepreneurs, Mike and Margie Christensen, is underway. The business, “Good Life at Liberty Beach,” will consist of a campground. Margie Christensen said the entire lot will be turned into the campground consisting of eight RV […]

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Camping In Nevada: An RVer’s Paradise Of Natural Wonders & Old West History

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Camping in Nevada – Photo via Shutterstock Standard License Camping In Nevada: An RVer’s Paradise Of Natural Wonders & Old West History When people think of Nevada, Las Vegas comes to mind. Las Vegas is definitely an interesting place to visit with its huge casinos, extensive buffets, and Broadway productions, among other things to do there. However, that is not all the Silver State has to offer campers and RVers. Traveling through Nevada, one can find unique forests, amazingly vast desert landscapes, large lakes, and historic towns. Whether you […]

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Obituary: Joan Chapman

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Joan Chapman RICHMOND – On Jan. 17, 2021, in the presence of her loving husband Mark Patrick, Joan Chapman of Richmond, Maine and Ohio closed her eyes for the last time. Her son, Daniel, was reading Psalm 23 to her. In 1952, Andrew Sr. and Marilyn Hisler of Somerville, Maine, welcomed their second daughter, Joan. Joan attended Hallowell schools and graduated valedictorian from Richmond High. She obtained her Bachelor of Computer Science from the UMA. She worked at UMA, for the Maine State Government and various Ohio Businesses. She […]

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Trips to Take in 2021 Based on Your New Year’s Resolution

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Trips to Take in 2021 Based on Your New Year’s Resolution The new year is here, and that means it’s time to start planning some 2021 trips in your RV. That said, there are so many options, many can be left feeling overwhelmed. This is where your new year’s resolution can come into play. Yes, you read that right, you can actually plan your travel adventures around your resolution. If you’re going to be traveling as you try to meet your goals for 2021, why not choose destinations that […]

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How To Achieve Better Work-Life Balance in 2021

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mapodile / Getty Images There’s no doubt that the pandemic has changed the way we work and live — families that used to spend the day apart with parents at work, children at school — are often crushed together in the same space trying to manage all their same responsibilities. And outlets that many people had to available to work off stress, from gyms to nightclubs to museums, are often closed or limiting the number of customers. With so many working from home, the boundaries between work and life […]

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DJ learns to make a living in a new way

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DJ makes living in a new way. FORT MYERS, Fla. — COVID-19 has altered work for many Americans, leaving some people to think out of the box to make a living. Derrick, also known as DJ Reel to Real, has been a DJ for a very long time, but with clubs and bars closed he’s had to take his work outdoors. “I’m very good at my craft,” Albert said. His new way of making money has allowed him to travel the country with his wife. “I’m Pam and I’m […]

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RV Travel Newsletter Issue 983

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Welcome to, the most-read consumer website about RVing in North America with 139,000 registered subscribers. We support a free press and believe that it is essential to a democracy. At, you will learn about RV camping, RV travel, RV news and much more. This newsletter, now in its 20th year of continuous publication, is increasingly made possible in large part by the voluntary subscription contributions from our readers. January 16, 2021 Non-Members (advertising-supported) edition This free edition of the newsletter is posted at 9 a.m. (Pacific) […]

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The Don’ts of Free Camping

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The Don’ts of Free Camping They say the best things in life are free, and that sometimes includes camping. It’s a privilege, not a right, however, and it’s one we shouldn’t abuse. It makes good sense to follow some fairly simple guidelines so we don’t spoil what’s such a great thing. Let’s dive in! What is Free Camping? Many RVers love staying at campgrounds or resorts with electricity, hot showers and other comforts. Others prefer a more primitive style of camping. Free camping is setting up an RV or […]

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A Luxury RV Travel Trailer…Yes, It’s a Reality

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If you’re looking for luxury in a towable RV, you’re probably worried you’ll have to spend big to get a fifth wheel. Not only do fifth wheels usually have a higher price tag, but also, you’ll need a more expensive truck to tow it. If you find yourself in this situation, you’ll definitely want to keep reading. That is because the Forest River Grand Surveyor has a luxury travel trailer! Yes. You read that right! Forest River Grand Surveyor: A Truly Luxurious Travel Trailer If you are ready for […]

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Second Trump impeachment draws bipartisan support

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**Want FOX News Halftime Report in your inbox every day? Sign up here . ** On the roster: Second Trump impeachment draws bipartisan support – I’ll Tell You What: We knew it was going to be difficult – Guard bivouacs in Capitol, 20,000 expected next week – Biden wants Senate to move on nominations asap – The case of the beagle and the Balkan bratwursts SECOND TRUMP IMPEACHMENT DRAWS BIPARTISAN SUPPORT Fox News : “The House of Representatives Wednesday made history by voting to impeach President Trump for a […]

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Trolling the Great Outdoors

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“I want to be able to post fake things to the Internet,” David Lesh said. “That’s my fucking right as an American.” When people in and around Denver say, “Smells like Greeley,” they mean that the air reeks of the feedlots ringing the city of Greeley, the state’s slaughterhouse, and also that snow may be on the way. Updrafts blowing off the Plains condense in the high mountain air and deliver a precious resource: fresh powder for the ski areas; water for the ranchers, farmers, and marijuana grow-ops. Renewal […]

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Club News, Jan. 9, 2021

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EDITOR’S NOTE: While some clubs have informed The Union of meeting cancellations due to COVID-19 concerns, we did have not heard from them all. Please call ahead to confirm future meeting times and/or cancellations. We encourage club members to inform us of any future cancellations. The Union publishes Club News each Saturday. To share the latest from your western Nevada County club or organization, email [email protected] . Unfortunately only a small fraction of club submissions are published in the print version of The Union due to space constraints. To […]

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Campground Crowding: Which state has highest cancellation fees?

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Updated weekly More people than ever are taking up RVing. These newbies have determined that RVing is the safest way to travel in our pandemic times. The result is campground crowding like never before. In this weekly blog, RV Travel readers discuss their experiences. Maybe we can make some sense of this and find ways to work around the problem. Here are a few observations from our readers. NO-SHOWS… NO GO? This has been a common complaint amongst our readers. Reservation systems show a site is booked, but nobody […]

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