How to Make Your Hydrangeas Change Color

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Photo: RudenkoStudio (Shutterstock) Love your hydrangeas, but want to see how they would look in a different color? Depending on the variety, you may be able to change their color yourself. Here’s what to know. Not all hydrangeas can change color Before going any further, we should mention that not all hydrangeas are capable of changing color. The ones with this ability include some Bigleaf hydrangeas ( H. macrophylla )—especially Mophead and Lacecap types—and H. serrata cultivars. And while pink and blue hydrangeas of these […]

How to Prevent Swimmer’s Ear

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Photo: JaySi (Shutterstock) Now that summer is in full swing, people lucky enough to have their own pool (or at least live near someone who does) are probably spending a lot of time in the water. And while that’s a great way to cool down on a hot day, you could end up with some less-than-pleasant aftereffects, like a sunburn or swimmer’s ear. We know how avoid getting a sunburn , but what about swimmer’s ear? Here’s what to do to prevent the pain and […]

The Best Way to Serve Cold Food During Your Cookout

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Photo: Elena Veselova (Shutterstock) Grilled meats like hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken tend to take centerstage at cookouts—like the many happening over this holiday weekend—but the sides are what make the meal. And because most cookouts take place in warmer summer weather, it can be tricky to keep sides like potato salad and coleslaw cool. Fortunately, there’s a TikTok hack for that. Here’s what to know. How to keep refrigerated food cool when eating outdoors This tip has been making the rounds since it was […]

Russian attack kills more Ukrainian civilians

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A Russian attack on an apartment block and camping air have killed at least 21 Ukrainian civilians . Russia is turning to more extreme means in its war.It also bombed a crowded Ukrainian shopping center , for which France said Russia must answer . Russia also carried out airstrikes from Belarus for the first time , signaling a new phase of the war. Russia has also gained full control of the city of Severodonetsk . Russia is also in control of the Donbas province , […]

Supreme Court EPA ruling leads to Chinese criticisms

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After the Supreme Court’s recent EPA ruling , China has criticized the United States’ climate change response . India has banned single-use plastic . Canada is also set to ban single-use plastics in order to combat environmental pollution and climate change . The base camp at Mt. Everest is going to be moved, as a result of melting glacier ice . Yellowstone is suffering a massive flooding event which, statistically, may only happen once every 500 years. The Feds told states that they need to […]

The Best Alternatives When You’re Out of Laundry Detergent

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Photo: Shutterstock (Shutterstock) So you’ve set out to do a load of laundry only to realize you already used the last of the detergent. Bummer—but there is hope for your socks and underwear yet. In a pinch, you can sub in some common household items for your Tide or All; they may not have the same stain-busting power but they will get rid of odors and bacteria. Depending on which one you have on hand, they might even leave your clothes smelling fresher. Baking soda. […]

The Difference Between Emotional Neglect and Emotional Invalidation (and How They Affect Children)

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Photo: MPIX (Shutterstock) Childhood emotional neglect (CEN) occurs when caregivers fail to fulfill a child’s emotional needs. This can include overt, verbal abuse, as well as passive acts of ignoring or neglecting the child’s needs. Both emotional neglect and emotional invalidation fall under the larger category of CEN and have different impacts on a child. How can you tell the difference, and what impacts do they have on a child? Here are two examples of ways emotional neglect and emotional invalidation can manifest: Imagine a […]

Fuck It, Make Your Dirty Martini With Tequila

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Photo: J. VanDerKern (Shutterstock) My relationship with martinis can be traced back to the bar at Bern’s Steakhouse in Tampa, an iconic establishment that’s decorated like a French bordello. Desperate to be perceived as refined, I ordered a dirty martini with my shrimp cocktail and ribeye. Marco—the platonic ideal of an old-school bartender—asked if I wanted blue cheese olives. “Do you think that’s too much?” I replied. “I’m here to make drinks, not judgements,” he said. “Get the olives if you want them.” I got […]

10 of the Hardest Video Games Ever

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Screenshot: Boss Fight Database/YouTube (Fair Use) Sometimes you want to melt away the hours managing an island of misfits and paying back a predatory raccoon. And sometimes you wanna be put through the wringer—to test every fibre of your patience, skill, and smarts on your path to victory. From its first steps in arcades full of quarter-munching machines designed to drain your wallet, to the meticulous challenge of Hidetaka Miyazaki’s Souls series, to that damn hoverbike level in Battletoads , difficult video games have fascinated […]

20 Movies That’ll Remind You the Government Can’t Be Trusted

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Screenshot: Stanley Kubrick Productions/YouTube Governments lie. They cheat. They steal. Sometimes the blame comes from within: corrupt individuals who’d conned their ways into the halls of power with no moral compass beyond their own self-aggrandizement. Sometimes, the fault lies within ourselves: We’re drawn to populist politicians who tell us what we want to hear even when we very much ought to know better. The 1970s, in particular, loom large in movies about government corruption, even in later films. It’s not that no one had ever […]

How to Rent an RV for $1 a Day

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Photo: EB Adventure Photography (Shutterstock) The idea of hopping in an RV with some friends or family and exploring off the beaten path completely on your own schedule might be pretty compelling—at least until you look up the price of the rental. If this sounds like something you want to do, though, don’t be scared away by the high rental prices you may come across. There are ways to get RV rentals for as low as $1 per day—better yet, it’s even possible to find […]

Improve Your Heart Health With This Checklist

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Photo: Andrey_Popov (Shutterstock) If you want to reduce your chances of an early death from a heart attack or stroke, you’ve probably heard of a few ways to do that: get more exercise , eat “good fats,” maybe pay attention to the heart health metrics on your smartwatch . But there are a lot of things that are supposed to be good for our hearts, and sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming to figure out where to start. Fortunately, the American Heart Association has a […]

The Best Sites and Apps to Track Your Books, Movies, Music, and Video Games

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Photo: Christian Bertrand (Shutterstock) This week in the Guardian, writer Rachel Sigee pondered the question of why so many of us frequent sites like Goodreads and Letterboxd to log our media consumption, and came up with an answer that seems obvious in retrospect: It’s dopamine . Yes, the same addictive brain chemicals that cause our neurons to fire every time our phones light up with a notification are what keep us marking our progress in the books we’ve read or assigning a star rating to […]

Your Rash Might Be a Sun Allergy

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Photo: Stanislav71 (Shutterstock) For all the good things it does for us, the sun can also be a menace: It can burn your skin , mess with your eyes , and even damage your vehicle . It might also be responsible for that rash you’ve been Googling since you discovered it across your shoulders. You could have a “sun rash” or “sun allergy” and never have even known it, so let’s figure out what that is and what you can do about it. What is […]

Russian citizens urged to turn in Ukrainian War Critics

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Russia seems to be returning to the Soviet era as Putin encourages Russian citizens to snitch on anyone who criticizes the war in Ukraine . Putin has also threatened ex-Soviet states should they defy Russia . What is more, Russian warships twice entered Danish waters recently, on the day of a democratic holiday . The last time this happened, Russia moved heavy weapons systems to the border of Finland just hours after warning it not to join NATO . Russia has sent in its infamous […]

Living Vehicle Creative Studio travel trailer takes working from home off-grid

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Living Vehicle unveils its latest luxury travel trailer, designed for more time living – and specifically working – off-grid. Your Creative Studio and the open road awaits Living Vehicle’s 2023 Creative Studio option The new Creative Studio travel trailer is Living Vehicle’s answer to working from home; take your home with you. Living Vehicle builds extremely high-end trailers. The California-based company was set up by Matthew and Joanna Hofmann in 2017, dovetailing their love of the open road with architectural training to create one of […]

Thor’s Small Class A Motorhome Packs Big RV Living, Ideal for a Family of Five

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Thor Motor Coach has recently introduced the new Vegas RV. For 2023, this small Class A motorhome comes with a little bit of everything. It’s easy to drive, has plenty of storage space, and boasts a luxurious interior that can sleep up to five travelers. The 2023 Thor Vegas is based on a Ford E-Series chassis that has a 7.3-liter V8 Triton engine capable of delivering 350 hp and 468 lb-ft (634 Nm) of torque. Since it’s an RUV (Recreational Utility Vehicle), you can have […]

Why You Might Want to Shower Before Your Run

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Photo: stezzon (Shutterstock) When it comes to running in the heat , I’m a wimp. (When it comes to a lot of things, I am a wimp.) After running a spring marathon , I’ve struggled to resume training and get myself out the door and into the summer weather. Then I remembered one of my hacks that I usually reserve for pre-race nerves: A quick shower. You might think there’s no point in showering right before you get all sweaty and need to shower again. […]

Check Out The Self-Sufficient 2023 Living Vehicle Luxury RV That Makes Its Own Water

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The pandemic has given us a different perspective of life. And one of those involves the increasing love for remote work. More and more people are going off the grid to explore the world without compromising their professional life. And RVs seem to be the perfect companion for this lifestyle. These mobile homes are quite the rage among celebrities too. Living Vehicle is a luxury RV maker and its 2023 line-up of RVs has been upgraded with a slew of new features that will give […]

How to Back Up Your Google Hangouts Data Before It’s Gone for Good

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Photo: Piotr Swat (Shutterstock) Google Hangouts will be replaced by Google Chats later this year, adding another entry to the ever-growing list of dead Google services . The shutdown is planned to occur some time in October, but Google is already starting the transition. While the process will mostly take place on Google’s side, the company is warning users that some Hangouts messages and conversations will not automatically move over to Chats. Google will notify affected users ahead of the final shutdown, but there’s a […]

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