How to Initiate Your Alexa Routines by Using Different Phrases

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Photo: ekokat (Shutterstock) Custom Routines are one of the handiest features of the Amazon Echo—you can use them to launch a cascade of home automation actions before bed or play specific media each morning—all in response to a single request. And now Alexa can respond to up to seven unique phrases per routine (versus just one), so you can trigger the same series of actions whether you say “Alexa, goodnight” or “Alexa, it’s bedtime” or “Alexa, go the hell to sleep,” etc. You can also use wording completely unrelated to […]

How to Get Exactly What You Want at a Botox Appointment

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Photo: G-Stock Studio (Shutterstock) When you see someone with facial injectables you don’t like, there’s something you need to remember (besides the fact that your opinion on someone else’s aesthetic enhancements isn’t relevant): For everyone with exaggerated filler or too-frozen Botox you spot in the wild, there are dozens more people walking around with work so undetectable you’d never know they paid for their face to look how it does. Whether you want to be clearly done-up or natural-looking, getting your desired results is as much of a delicate science […]

A Sauna Isn’t a Substitute for Exercise, FFS

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Photo: Mr. Tempter (Shutterstock) Spending time in a sauna can feel good, but it can also entail a little bit of suffering; after all, if the weather outside were the same as the temperature in a sauna, you’d probably want to hide out in the air conditioning all day. There’s something about unpleasant bodily experiences that makes us think they must be good for us, somehow, and so the sauna has gained a healthful reputation that it doesn’t entirely deserve. Here’s a rundown of what a sauna can and can’t […]

Deal Spotlight: Save 10% Over Clearance At Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops With Must-Have RV Gear

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Summer is the best time for travel and adventure. Hopefully, y’all have got all the gear and equipment you need for now—but what about fall and winter? And the holidays will be here before we know it. Right now and through July 26, Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops are offering an extra 10 percent of all Clearance items. Just use the code CAVECLEAR10 at checkout, and you’ll save even more on stuff that’s already priced to move. Champion Power Equipment The Drive and its partners may earn a commission if […]

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After Recap: Eat, Then Leave!

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Every week, I write these recaps and tell you how much I love Yara. I truly thought Yara could do no wrong, until she invited Jovi’s family over for Ukranian Christmas and then made them leave as soon as they annoyed her. Now, look, in general, I absolutely respect this move. If Yara doesn’t want them in her house and they’re insulting her food, they can go. But as an adult who understands the complicated politics of family, I can admit that Yara did the wrong thing here. Yara might […]

The Long Long Trailer

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u/DEVOURfoods ·promoted 90% sure this is not a travel trailer. In that time frame there was a thing called a "park model", which looked like a TT but was heavy, made for full-time residence, and didn’t have any self-containment (no holding tanks, no battery). They were meant to be hauled into place and left there semi-permanently, perhaps relocated a handful of times in their lives. In more recent times that role is filled by manufactured homes, so-called "trailer houses". [Sources: (a) cousins lived in a trailer park when I was […]

Slide Into the Weekend With a Boozy B&B

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Photo: Claire Lower I am, to quote my favorite show , the tiredest I have ever been in my life. There is no real reason for it, except for the fact that I’ve been having incredibly active, involved dreams every night, which is not entirely restful. I feel dull and draggy, and not inclined to shake or stir a single drink. I still would like a drink , however, but I do not have the energy to “put on clothes” and “go to a bar.” Lucky for me, and anyone […]

What You Should Know About Guillain-Barré Syndrome and COVID Vaccines

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Photo: aijiro (Shutterstock) Some people who got the Johnson & Johnson/Janssen COVID-19 vaccine (the one-dose vaccine) have developed a condition known as Guillain-Barré syndrome . It’s happened often enough that the FDA has asked them to add a note about this to the patient fact sheet, but it’s still not considered to change the risk/benefit balance of getting your shot. (All the COVID vaccines are much safer than getting actual COVID.) What is Guillain-Barré syndrome? First, because it’s not obvious: The first word is pronounced “GEE-yawn” and the second rhymes […]

Make These Variations on TikTok’s Whipped Lemonade

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Photo: Dementieva Iryna (Shutterstock) In recent days, you may have seen a new lemonade recipe making the rounds on social media. Called “ whipped lemonade ,” it’s made by whipping one-fourth of a cup of heavy cream with two tablespoons of powdered lemonade mix. Once the cream has been whipped into soft peaks, you spoon the mixture into a small glass filled with one cup of water and a handful of ice cubes, after which you stir or shake the mixture. The result is a creamy, tangy, lemony goodness that […]

Motorhome and Trailer questions

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Hey everyone! Hoping y’all can help me on my endeavors here. So I’ve been looking around for something that has basic amenities like a shower sink stove fridge but also be able to carry a full length vehicle, like a sedan that is 15 to 16 feet long. So far I have only found something like this in a towable trailer form, specifically the "stealth nomad trailer". Now for my questions, does anyone out there know of any class A or preferably class C motorhomes that have a minimum of […]

Community mourns the loss of Linda and Anthony Oyster

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Play Video 00:00 00:00 space play / pause q unload | stop f fullscreen shift + ← → slower / faster ↑ ↓ volume m mute ← → seek . seek to previous 1 2 … 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% "[Linda] will be sorely missed by all who knew her. Certainly our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who is touched by this loss. as friends, community members, and colleagues, we will continue to love and support the holt family in whatever [we] can," Benner said. NORTH […]

How to Cold Call a Job Recruiter (and Why You Should)

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Photo: NabuPhotoBank (Shutterstock) The latest Bureau of Labor Statistics report says the U.S. added 850,000 jobs in June, and who knows—one of those could be your dream job! Or your dream job could be one that hasn’t been made up yet, but might be, if the decision-makers at the right company only knew about you, your skills, and your goals. Whether your ideal job is “anything else” besides your current one or something hyper-specific, you’re probably spending a lot of time trawling open position postings, lurking on LinkedIn, or even […]

CDC recommends unvaccinated students, teachers wear masks at school

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As teachers, parents, and children begin looking ahead to the next school year, the CDC has advised that all unvaccinated persons wear masks indoors . According to Anthony Fauci, a touch over 99% of COVID deaths involve people who have not been vaccinated . Dr. William Schaffner, a professor in the Division of Infectious Diseases at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, has called unvaccinated people are “variant factories,” increasing the likelihood that new variants, like the highly-infectious Delta variant, will emerge. Johnson & Johnson has reported that its vaccine is effective […]

Years after Woolsey and Thomas Fires, survivors explain why they still haven’t rebuilt their homes

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This home burned down in the Woolsey Fire. The lot is for sale, but few people have shown interest in buying it. The Woolsey Fire swept through LA and Ventura County three years ago, and no two streets are the same when you weave through neighborhoods in the burn scar. Some homes are untouched, some are partially built. Some lots are completely empty, or have an RV parked on a flat patch of dirt while homeowners wait for construction to start. “Even that afternoon of the fire, I kept saying, […]

How to Get a Passport for the First Time

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Photo: Shutterstock (Shutterstock) One of the first rites of passage for any traveler is getting your passport. And while some people have been traveling internationally since they were little, plenty of others have never had a passport and don’t know how to get the process started. This information is for them. (Please note: The procedures described below apply to getting a passport under normal circumstances; as with everything else, the pandemic is continuing to throw the once-typical timelines into upheaval , and revised timelines are indicated). What documents and information […]

How to Download Spotify Songs to Your Apple Watch Instead of Streaming Them

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Screenshot: Beth Skwarecki, Spotify Spotify has finally delivered what we once called the “Holy Grail of smartphone streaming”—the ability to download songs to your watch, so you can listen to them even when your phone is at home and you’re jogging through the woods without a data connection. The feature is rolling out now, although you’ll need a Spotify Premium account to use it. By the way, to play any kind of music from your Apple Watch, you’ll need to connect your bluetooth headphones to the watch (it won’t play […]

How to Be an Adult, With Julie Lythcott-Haims

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Photo: Micaela Heck/Elena Scotti How do you know when you’re officially an adult? When is it okay to quit a job, and when should you stick it out? How the heck do you figure out what you want to do with your life? This week, we’re tackling all of these questions and more with help from the ever-wise Julie Lythcott-Haims—author of the New York Times bestseller, How to Raise An Adult: Break Free of the Overparenting Trap and Prepare Your Kid for Success and Your Turn: How to Be An […]

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